The global economic crisis reached Lithuania in 2009 triggering reduced competitiveness of companies, shrinking number of available jobs, and ever-growing appetite of the Scandinavian banks in Lithuania racing towards taking every opportunity to recover the money invested here. Under these circumstances a new business, i.e., furniture trade, was born in Marijampolė, the capital of Sudovia. It was established by the Marijampolė team of UAB “MORITA” led by good intentions, with love and faith.

Hard work, gaining a better understanding of the nooks and crannies as well as the opportunities offered by this interesting business area, making mistakes and learning from them, discovering new manufacturers and suppliers brought us to 2013 when this furniture trading division was given the name of “Sūduvos baldai” urging us to maintain the high standards of top quality and efficient work. The name “Sūduva” served as some definition of the range of available furniture. It is associated with high-quality products of well-known Lithuanian and Polish manufacturers – after all in the 13th century the Sudovian land stretched far into the current territory of Poland and Marijampolė Region is a part of the present day Sudovia.

Our ability to keep up with changing market, respond to customers’ needs and trends gave us everything we needed to present nothing but the best we have to offer in the field of furniture to all people in Lithuania and the neighbouring countries. Along the way, to this day we have already added some pieces of furniture and accessories from other countries to our furniture collections. It is a great way to both expand our exposition and to give more freedom of choice to our customers.

We have created this website to get closer to you, dear customers. We hope that it would make your decision-making process easier, provide some information and pleasant emotions.

We kindly invite you to visit us.